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  1. Create site domain in server control panel.
  2. Create database and user in server control panel.
  3. WordPress prefix is not still set to default “wp_”
  4. Record information of the new site and database into tracking software
  5. Migrate and/or Restore site using BackupBuddy
  6. Change DNS on domain to my nameservers
  7. Setup TLS Cert on live site, and all Database URL’s are correct
  8. Username is NOT “admin” & change passwords to be random & strong.
  9. Change WordPress Secret Authentication Keys
  10. Relicense plugins and themes for live domain name
  11. SEO Plugin installed and working properly.
  12. 301 redirects are created and old web site URLs are pointing to new URLs
  13. Ninja firewall activated and configured
  14. Defender activated and configured
  15. Google Search Console and Analytics consoles are setup and configured.
  16. Google Analytics Tracking ID added to site footer
  17. MainWP-child installed and connected to my maintenance dashboard
  18. BackupBuddy installed and Remote Destination and create Schedule
  19. Add Site to your portfolio.
  20. Invoice Project and setup recurring invoices MainWP-child in Billings software.