Additional Services

Performance optimization


We combine compression, caching and optimizations to get your performance numbers much lower than they are now.  What we offer is a custom designed recipe for your site, and it’s needs, to help it perform at its optimal level.

Staging site setup and sync


Staging sites can be setup to allow you to create a synced copy (using git based version control) of your live site, under a different domain name (ie. This staging site can then be used to try out new ideas, test new plugins, or to test to see if an update will cause you problems.

Plugin & Theme Audit


WordPress sites have a tendency to collect plugins and unused themes.  This service will provide an audit of all of your plugins and themes, determine if any are no longer necessary, and removed. In addition, if any are deprecated, they will be updated or exchanged with a similar alternatives.

Content/SEO Audit


Content audit consists of a process that involves looking at every single piece of content on your website with the goal of optimizing it for readability and search engine optimization. The SEO audit will focus on the tags and descriptions within the backend code for completeness, and functionality.

Database optimization


Database optimization involves maximizing the speed and efficiency within the database, and how that data is retrieved from the server. Databases can store tremendous amounts of information, some of which is unnecessary and/or orphaned from their related data. This process focuses on removing that data, and repairing tables that need maintenance.

Code optimization


Code optimization entails modification of the site’s code to improve quality and efficiency. Code can be optimized by removing duplication, rewriting poorly written functions, and compressing it to a smaller size, so that it consumes less memory and executes more rapidly. This process results in a site that loads more quickly and preforms more reliably.

Blog Management


Posting regularly and effectively to your blog is one of the best ways to grow your audience, but it can be difficult to find time and resources to do so. We can help you by making regular posts to your blog, and or social media for you. We will talk with you regularly, and find out what is happening with your business, and create unique and compelling posts for your audience.

Uptime Monitoring


Uptime in the world of the internet is used to define the period of time in which a website server is functional and available. We will continually monitor your site for availability and responsiveness. If there are any issues detected, we will be notified instantly, and we will take action to get the site back up and running as quickly as possible.

License Management


License Management consists of documenting and managing premium software codes and monitoring expiration dates so that they do not expire and break your website. We will keep these records for you, and contact you when software needs to be renewed.

Other Services Provided

Web Form Testing ($10/form/month) — If you have a contact form or a service inquiry form, that is crucial for your business, and it’s proper and consistent functionality is crucial to your business operation, then hire us to check on it for you. Monthly we will run tests against your forms, and make sure that they are functioning properly.

Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates (Free) — Upon request, all sites hosted by can have a Free Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate installed.  These certs will encrypt your site completely, and will provide additional confidence for your customers.  This service does not cover the update of the site’s links and other maintenance necessary to complete the migration to the secure https:// URL.

Add-on hours ($60/hr – discounted from the standard $90/hr rate) — Add-on hours are available to Standard WordPress, or Managed WordPress hosting clients only, and may only for the use of disaster recovery, or for small repairs related to your Managed WordPress Hosting plan.  Web development, or complicated changes are not available to be purchased as add-on hours.