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The WooCommerce shopping cart plugin is free for basic usage. This free system provides the basic product store, shopping cart software, the backend administration console for managing products and orders, and a standard PayPal checkout system. If you want to extend the functionality of WooCommerce to include more advanced payment gateways or shipping calculators, you will need to obtain product “add-ons”. These add-ons are not one-time fees. They must be renewed every year. What follows are the add ons that we recommend for this site. We will help you obtain the add-ons under your name and credit card, but you will be responsible for the annual renewals after that:


  • Payment Gateway Add-on (Your choice of… Stripe, Auth.net, FirstData, etc) — ($79/year)
  • Shipping Calculator (US Postal) — ($79/year)
  • Shipping Calculator (UPS) — ($79/year)
  • Shipping Calculator (FedEx) — ($79/year)
  • Recurring Payments (WooCommerce Subscriptions) — ($79/year)

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