Professional Website hosting

All hosting packages include the following

  • Linux based hosting… Apache, PHP, and MySQL.
  • As many POP or IMAP based email accounts as you need.
  • Powerful Incoming and outgoing spam filtering for all email accounts (provided by
  • Generous monthly bandwidth transfer allowance1
  • Scheduled regular file-system and database backups of your site.
  • Daily malware scanning for viruses, spambots, and trojans.
  • Password Audit… Weak passwords will be identified and hardened.
  • All accounts also include Awstats, Webmail, and 24-hour ticketed email support.
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates available for free, upon request.


  1. Bandwidth is not limited, however, if your site draws more than a reasonable amount of monthly bandwidth, other solutions and hosting options will have to be arranged
  2. Rarely updates have been known to cause a site’s layout and function to break. This hosting package does not include fees and time needed to repair breaks caused by automatic updates. In such a case that a sites broken by said update, the site will be rolled back to the last backup, and we will discuss repair possibilities, and other options.
  3. Manual updates will be run at the beginning of the month. A backup of your site will be completed first, and your site will be checked for basic functionality after updates are completed.
  4. Staging sites can be setup to allow you to create a synced copy (using git based version control) of your live site, under a different domain name (ie. This staging site can then be used to try out new ideas, test new plugins, or to test to see if an update will cause you problems.