Website Management & Support


  • Basic Management and Support services  routine maintenance work, hack repairs, or minor cosmetic changes…, as long as that work falls within the scope of a “small repair” 1
  • Database optimization – your site’s database will be optimized and unnecessary, temporary and orphaned database records will be removed.
  • Code optimization – this work includes site based tweaks and improvements, that will help to generate organic search results.2 Services included are:
    – Poor internal linking and Broken links.
    – Improper use of title tags
    – Default WordPress permalink structure
    – Inconsistent name, address, phone number
    – Google 404 detection, 301 redirect creation
    – Image optimization and compression
    – Update sitemap.xml & robots.txt
  • Uptime Monitoring – your site will be monitored every 30 minutes for responsiveness.  If there is any connection issues our management staff will be notified immediately and the problem will be resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Social networking – posting of events, blog posts, and other content provided by the client on their social networks. This does not include content creation or development.3
  • Website form testing  testing any and all contact forms on the site for basic functionality.
  • Content tweaking  Improve readability, usability, spelling, and grammar of site content
  • No contracts  We like to say we earn your business each and every month. Our plans are month-to-month and can be upgraded or downgraded at any time.4
  • Onsite support and training – Plans including this option, will receive (upon request) personalized training and support services at their business or home.
  • License management – Platinum plan includes license management. This consists of organizing a list of all of your software licenses, notifying you of the renewals, and managing the updates.
  • Tickets  All work will be requested and managed via online ticketing service…


  1. The scope of a small repair includes minor maintenance and repair jobs that can be completed in less than an hour. Current, and previously banked hours can be used to cover this time. Larger more intensive changes and repairs that extend beyond the scope of this service would be extra and will be estimated and negotiated outside this contract.
  2. This does not include content creation, development or search engine optimization
  3. Client will be required to supply the content. You will be called every month, and we will discuss what you would like to highlight on your site, and social networks.
  4. There are no refunds for time purchased, and all options are automatically renewed monthly.
  5. Installation and configuration of several default plugins, including: MainWP client, WP-Optimize, WordPress SEO, Broken link checker, Ninja Firewall, BackupBuddy, WP Smush Pro, WP Hummingbird, and WP Defender.